Why Your Best Employee Just Quit

Shelly Fagan
4 min readNov 2, 2018
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It is difficult to define the characteristics that sets a talented employee apart as a “superstar.” We all know at least one remarkable person who has been an agent of positive change.

Like hitting the right tumblers in a lock, these individuals seem to fit well and become a key player in the organization. Their presence is viewed as a turning point on many different fronts, one that is central to move the team move forward. Not only do they have a strong character, but they bring their A game every day.

These are the celebrity workers of the corporate world, recognized as such by their coworkers and competitors alike.

Outstanding managers who have several such workers at one time should consider this a testament to their own skill. Great leaders create an environment that attracts this level of talent.

Superstars surpass management’s expectations of a merely valuable worker. By all definition, they execute their job well, are dependable, hard-working and honest.

Talented employees go beyond being reliable and responsible. They are driven, self-managed and intelligent leaders who find creative solutions to problems. These individuals not only know their job, but they have a firm grasp of the market and industry as well. Not only do they have solid experience and work history, but they present well to customers. Superstars fit the culture, and are upbeat about the company and its future. Their dedication and ambition are focused on the best interests of the organization, and their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.

In a word, they are passionate.

Why Superstars Bail

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Human Resource professionals will tell you numerous reasons why superstars quit, citing everything from stress to being overworked. The number one reason talented employees leave is that they don’t feel valued.

The concept of value drives superstars, from being able to create it in an organization to receiving it in return. These individuals seek out situations where they can exercise their skills and where their…

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