Why America Is Dying at the Hands of the Corporate Masters

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Shelly Fagan
10 min readSep 2, 2021


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Do you think there exist some business owners who would shut down their store rather than paying their employees a living wage?

I do.

We have all seen the restaurant signs complaining “no one wants to work anymore” and attributing it to a labor shortage rather than the real reason: Wages are too low.

We all know the problem, yet most of us still believe companies would fight to survive rather than fold. It seems like a smart bet that they would innovate a way to pay their staff well while earning a profit.

Dig beneath the surface, though and you’ll see why staying afloat isn’t always the goal. And we all know this.

Businesses often makes bad decisions. At least when it comes to you.

In this one act of futility, we can find the tainted seeds of the ultimate destruction of capitalism. And of America.

There are plenty of examples. When businesses pay a decent wage, they have scores of candidates waiting to fill openings. It’s pretty simple. The higher the pay, the more attractive the job is to the best and the brightest in that salary range.

It shows in their performance.

Chipotle raised its wages to an average of $15 an hour and the labor shortage disappeared. According to CNN, prices went up about 4% and the revenue grew in the second quarter a surprising 39% to $1.9 billion. In restaurants that have been open at least 13 months, sales are up 31% as well.

If this is a profitable move, why don’t more employers follow suit?

Because business isn’t about always making the smart move, although we like to believe that is the case. Earnings are just a unit of measurement, not the goal. Instead, the values of the leadership determine what is important.

And it’s not you.

The flaw in our thinking

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