Stock Up on These Items Due to the Supply Chain Shortages

Shelly Fagan
5 min readOct 12, 2021

Prepare for these goods to be hard to find

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If you’re new to the issue with the global shipping disruption, or you aren’t sure why this is happening, I wrote a lengthy piece titled, Why You Should Be Very Worried About The Supply Chain.

Currently, an estimated 500,000 shipping containers are stuck at southern California ports. On the east coast, backlogs are slowing down deliveries as well, but the problem is not as severe. The top ports in China are experiencing delays due to COVID and extreme weather.

Currently, the problem is expected to persist for at least three months to as long as two years. The most pressing issue is the shortage of chips which is impacting every device with electronics from new big rig trucks to passenger vehicles and farm equipment, phones and appliances. More than one supplier is planning to build new factories — and these won’t be producing until 2024.

Basically, the system is breaking down because the supply chain is needed to alleviate the backlog. For instance, there is a shortage of trucks to move the containers because mechanics are waiting on parts that are on back order or are delayed at the ports. There is a shortage of containers because so many are full. The supply chain is grinding to a halt due to gridlock.

Christmas Gifts

If you are big into gift giving, this isn’t the year to wait for Black Friday deals. Many of the goods we buy are shipped from Asia and those are on containers stuck at the ports. If you will be shopping for an electronic item, especially a gaming console or other electronics, now is the time to buy. Anything computer related will be in high demand, especially parts for upgrades and repairs.


A national diaper shortage is affecting 33% of households and driving up prices. In some areas, requests for assistance from diaper banks are up 500%. If you’re looking to give to a charity, consider donating diapers to your local bank.

Flour, Pasta, Pet Food, Beer, Beans

While supplies of these items will likely only increase in price, it may be out of reach for some budgets. These items are easily stored…



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