COVID-19: Prepare for What’s Coming Next, Because It’s Dire

Shelly Fagan
6 min readApr 17, 2020

Massive food shortages -- and the government is going to blame you.

Why should you heed my warning?

In January, I purchased N95 masks while they were still plentiful. In early February, I stocked up on hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and toilet paper long before the panic buyers wiped the shelves clean. In March, I added enough flour and yeast to see my family through to the end of the year.

Before the lockdown began, I advised family and friends to have two months of supplies and to put in a garden. I cautioned coworkers against going to the gym. I passed out disinfectant wipes at work and campaigned for a company-wide handwashing program.

I am not trying to blow my own horn. I do want to make you aware that I have been ahead of the curve on this pandemic. My nickname is “ The Oracle.” I don’t have great psychic ability, but I have learned to discern the truth from a sea of propaganda.

Massive food shortages are coming and the government is going to blame you for “hoarding.”

Why the Public is to Blame

The feds manage the failures of their agencies by redirecting our anger at each other. They manipulate public opinion to achieve a desired response away from them. When that fails, they flood social media with propaganda or simply create distractions -- anything to keep you from calling for their heads.

This is why you read about churches holding services for Easter. This is the reason for protests in Michigan to lift the lockdown. It’s nothing more than political astroturfing. Pundits can point to these manufactured demands to open the economy and avoid taking responsibility for the surge in cases that will surely result.

In the past, some have responded to my warnings by parroting the official line of the government.

In February, a coworker told me I was “overreacting" for constantly using hand sanitizer, explaining that the CDC said the epidemic was confined to China. I don’t fault them because like so many others, they believe the disease experts simply “got it wrong."

The government is not managing a disease outbreak, but rather the public response to a…



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