Addressing the fallacy of a solution to technological unemployment.

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Politicians and higher education pundits who are unaffected by withering job prospects love the idea of the public taking on more debt to keep working bullshit jobs as they slip further into poverty. What they don’t tell you is 35% of those laid off in the past three years won’t find work.

The problem isn’t a lack of relevant skills, but long-term employment opportunities.

The sad fact is those individuals beating the retraining drum are often deeply mired in a stable, high-paying career and yet are the very people who have the data to realize this isn’t a solution for…

Unity & compromise won’t help conservatives

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“ [Cindy McCain] has supported leftist causes such as gay marriage, growth of the administrative state, and others that run counter to Republican values, a Republican form of government, and the U.S. Constitution.” Arizona Republican Party

Now that America has returned to a sense of political normalcy — and relief — with the white-knuckle inauguration of President Joe Biden, the calls for unity have started right on cue. Just a few Scaramucci’s after a failed coup attempt, Republican leadership clutched its pearls and preached about the need to “reach across the aisle.”

Working with GOP politicians will not serve conservative…

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There is one group more than any other that needs a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

The not-quite-disabled desperately need rescuing from their long, slow slide into poverty.

Miranda, a middle-aged sales professional, found herself wandering in this no-man’s land after a nasty automobile accident left her with a debilitating neck injury. She asked to use a pseudonym and to keep the details of her job confidential because she was afraid future employers might learn of her medical condition.

“I went from a very comfortable lifestyle at the top of my field to poverty level in about two years,” Miranda said…

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After Trump’s failed coup d’etat, America is rightfully obsessed with rooting out Republican traitors at the Capitol. But perhaps it is time we look closer to home and condemn those in our circle of influence who fought to overturn the election.

If you thought Crazy Uncle Joe made the holidays uncomfortable, think about how you will feel when he voices his support for the insurrection.

Is it time we stop enabling this behavior and cut off our QAnon family members, banishing them from our society as traitors to their country?

It’s painful to consider since fully 31 percent of those…

Don’t ask America to move on.

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You can expect to hear calls for Democrats to “reach across the aisle” to start a national healing.

The public will be admonished to forget the seditious actions of many of our elected leaders in order to “move on”.

I don’t care who is calling for this – it is wrong.

May we all be reminded in order for a body to heal first you must rid the disease.

There is a festering moral decay in our country that starts in Washington. Legislators choose the politically advantageous path above doing what is right.

And most of the time, we learn…

Regardless of their vote to certify

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On January 6, lawmakers vote to certify the election, and by doing so, they will also publicly state if they support democratic institutions or if they seek to undermine more than 200 years of American history.

Each legislator will signify whether they support an autocracy or functioning democracy. Regardless of which side congressional Republicans choose, it will be the end of their Party as we know it.

Led by Senator Ted Cruz, the stunt to derail Joe Biden’s victory will cause GOP to explicitly state a bold-faced lie. …

It doesn’t run on money

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No company ever runs out of money. Ever. What companies run out of is investor trust. -- Forbes

The Republican Party has failed to realize that money is not what drives the economy.

To illustrate the point, pretend your job is secure, and you are covering your bills. You want to buy an iPad. The cost is about $600.

You decide to delay the purchase until you can afford it.

Along comes the promised stimulus, and with it Trump’s threats to veto the spending bill, and the looming Congressional term end of January 3.

It was not exactly clear if…

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The cruelty of the Republican Party is not an unintended consequence. It is not a “bug.” It is a feature of almost all members who self-identify as right-wing.

Every day, liberals wallow in the misguided notion that the GOP is failing miserably at protecting the country. This is not their goal.

To Americans on the left, politics is like belonging to an opposing team with differing views on how best to lead a nation, how to protect the public, and enact legislation for the future.

Democrats are stuck in the 1950s

It isn’t the Republicans who are trapped in the past. It’s Democrats who think there…

WARNING: You’ll be pissed off when you read this

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Let me put the stimulus debate into perspective for you.

If you make $50k a year, but you were arguing from the lofty perspective of Nancy Pelosi’s estimated net worth of $120 million, you would be deciding on whether to send everyone a check for a measly 25 cents.

Rightfully, — as a normal working person living in the real world — you would reject it as too small of a sum to consider as it would not make a noticeable difference to anyone.

You would have to be greatly disconnected…

You are not much better than the anti-maskers.

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I am just going to say it. Some of you are not much better than the anti-maskers or COVID deniers.

Let me stipulate that I am not talking about those who are forced to risk their life to pay rent because they have no other choice. I am not talking about essential workers. I am not referring to those who would be homeless if they didn’t report to their soul-sucking job. You also get a pass if your livelihood is saving other people.

This is addressed to those who have the option…

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