93,000 Reasons Men Should Worry About SCOTUS Pick

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Now a women’s issue, abortion is about to become a men’s rights nightmare.

With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, American men should be concerned about the Republican-controlled US Senate ramming through a SCOTUS pick.

In fact, they have about 93,000 reasons to be worried.

With a new Supreme Court Justice, overturning Roe v. Wade will be a priority for the GOP. This is the one issue which has galvanized the Republican party. With the upcoming General Election, conservatives want to energize their dwindling voter base, and nothing fans the flames of their moral outrage quite like the subject of abortion rights.

Long considered solely a women’s issue, ending abortion will quickly become a men’s rights nightmare.

Overturning this landmark decision would end abortion on demand and threaten the availability of emergency contraceptives such as levonorgestrel, ulipristal acetate or mifepristone, known as the morning after pill.

To keep children off benefit rolls, states are relentless in their quest to determine paternity. Of the approximately $144 billion in child support debt owed, about 25% goes to the state to recoup welfare payments. This is one debt which accrues interest and cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

Fun fact, rates for unintended pregnancies are the highest among low-income women, those most likely to qualify for public assistance and social services.

Family Court judges will not care if consensual sex was a random hookup or the result of a committed relationship. To enforce child support, the state has power to establish paternity.

Unemployed? Evicted? Got COVID? The courts don’t care. 14% of fathers with child support debt, or 1 in 7, were jailed for that debt, according to a research brief prepared for the University of Texas at Austin.

Nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended. Currently, more than 600,000 abortions are performed each year. From 2006 to 2010, 5.8 million women used the morning after pill.

Without abortion and emergency contraception, a lot of people are going to be paying to raise children they didn’t intend on having. That means about 2 million more babies a year, with a high percentage born to mothers requiring public assistance and the court taking a keen interest.

The state is going to be looking for the fathers to support them.

What Can Men. . . Er, Fathers, Expect?

Of course, some women pay support to custodial fathers, but most child support burden falls on men.

The average award of child support is $430 in the US. That’s almost $93,000 over 18 years for a broken condom, a missed pill, or any other unfortunate slip up.

And that’s the average. This number doesn’t include other expenses such as providing a second bedroom for visitations, travel expenses, attorney’s fees, etc. Some states calculate child support on a percentage basis, such as 25% of income for each child, or require parents assist financially if the child incurs any massive medical expense.

This is what is coming when the Senate pushes through a nominee. American men should be very concerned.

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